Ten years as one day

Around this time in 2002 events took place in Ashgabat which stirred up the country and ruined the fate of hundreds of residents. Many of them ended up in prisons, many lost their jobs and were deprived of educational opportunities and heard curses against them from a TV screen…

We have decided to make a video featuring the memoirs of what happened by interviewing those people who experienced first hand the repressions initiated by the Turkmen special services.

I am one of three people who were interviewed. While I was talking in front of a camera, I recalled many details of the story, which now seems to have happened a long time ago. The arrest, the barred cell, handcuffs, and people with whom I had to spend a short, but unforgettable part of my life…

I was recalling the past and spoke at length and not to the point but the program was limited in time and needless to say certainly not all of it will be shown in the final version, where timekeeping is calculated by seconds.

Seconds, minutes…Oh, the time.

When you are free, you get used to measuring time by such notions as a weekend, holidays, a festival, a birthday or the New Year…When you are imprisoned, you count only by days. Day after day, day after day. My ex fellow inmates have been counting the days during these past ten years. They are cherishing hopes to be freed one day.

Source: TIHR