Visitors to be greeted by people in red

A regular session of Turkmenistan's Council of Elders is scheduled to be held in October in Dashoguz. The local authorities have already launched preparations for this event.

Educators and schoolchildren from the entire velayat have been obliged to make dons, Turkmen national gowns of red colour. They are expected to wear these clothes when lining up in the "live corridor" to greet the President and other participants of the summit.

It turned out that it would cost approximately 100 manats ($35) to make a gown for junior graders and about 200 manats ($70) for adults. These expenses will be covered by the residents of the Turkmen northern province.

Teachers and schoolchildren, who will be transported to Dashoguz from the province's villages, have to arrange for overnight accommodation and find money for meals on their own. Usually, in such cases the inhabitants from the provinces, in groups of 5 to 6, stay at the houses of family members or acquaintances who live in town. If there are no relatives, those who were summoned by the authorities to participate in festivities of state significance (!) need to arrange their accommodation at their own expense.

Employees of some organizations and agencies are making money contributions to purchase gifts for the guests – the session's participants. Entrepreneurs are urged to provide meals and supply food and drinks, dishware, towels etc to the meeting's participants.

The relevant President's decree devoted to the session of the Council of Elders is scheduled to be signed. Pursuant to the decree, some funds will probably be allocated from the federal budget to organize and conduct the event. Yet, apparently these funds are misappropriated failing to reach the addressee or insufficient amounts are allocated.

Ordinary people pay for everything by investing their money, time, efforts or labour�

Source: TIHR