Selective condolences

The Turkmen President has expressed condolences over the death of the Russian scientist Viktor Sarianidi. At the same time, renowned Turkmen scientists, artists, workers of culture, who passed away, are not even entitled to modest obituaries in the Turkmen print media.

Let us recall those who passed away in 2013:

  • Murad Sadykov – People' Artist of Turkmenistan;
  • Ata Jikiev – Doctor of History, ethnographist, academician of Turkmenistan's Academy of Sciences;
  • Ovez Gundogdyev – professor, deputy director of Institute of Archeology and Ethnography under Turkmenistan's Academy of Sciences;
  • Tagangeldy Tachmuradov – professor, Doctor of Philosophy;
  • Murad Annanepesov – Doctor of History, academician;
  • Kovsy Kurdov – cardiavascular surgeon, professor, academician;
  • Bayram Abdullaev – Honoured Cultural Worker of Turkmenistan;
  • Yarly Bairamov – Honored Artist of Turkmenistan;
  • Bossan Redjepova – Honored Actress of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic.

All of them made significant contribution to the development of Turkmen science and culture which was not appreciated by the authorities.

We should also mention those who occupied high-ranking posts in the government agencies and passed away this year.Among them are theformerHeroof the Soviet Union and former executive of Turkmenistan's Interior Ministry Byashim Taganov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan, Russia and then Germany Khalnazar Agakhanov, former chairman of Turkmenistan's National Security Committee Saparmurat Seyidov, former Minister of Communications Begli Kurbanmuradov.

Needlesstosay, one can have different attitude towards these people but all of them served Turkmenistan but all of them deserve at least obituaries from those who knew them in the print media, not to mentioncondolencesexpressed onbehalfofthePresident or the government.Yet, according to some unspoken (inhuman) rules , publication of obituaries is banned in Turkmenistan.

Accordingtooursources, at least eight people were killed by the fire which broke out in the largest Dashoguz market in early August. According to other versions, several dozens of people died. Instead of announcing the mourning or expressing condolences, the local authorities tried to conceal the information about the tragedy Iin every possible way. In fact, it appears that due to the large scale of destruction as a result of the fire, the market is still closed.

We are witnessing this attitude towards the memory of the citizens who passed away, demonstrated by the Turkmen authorities. At the same time, the authorities constantly emphasize the significance of moral and ethical upbringing of Turkmenistan's younger generation. As is known, education should be based on role models rather than rhetorics...

Source: TIHR