The magazine to support freedom of expression

In August 2013 a new issue of the magazine "Index on censorship", published in London since 1972, came out. The publishers of the magazine are committed to supporting freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

My satirical short stories ("Erotically fantasies" and "Dog's surgery" ), which had been previously posted on the website, as well as a new poem were published in this issue. The poem is cited below.

The publishers provide the authors from all over the world with the opportunity to publish their writings in the magazine. There are 200 pages in each issue. The professional translation into English is provided by the publishing house if necessary.

The editorial board of "Index on censorship" selects the most interesting and important scientific articles as viewed by them, jouranlists' investigation, literary works, which cannot be published by the authors in their home countries due to political reasons.

"Index in censorship" first addressed the theme of Turkmenistan in November 2006 when a short story by Ak Velsapar and a couple of my pieces were published.

Our regular readers know that when possible we provide our website to the authors from Turkmenistan so that they can post their writings. We also receive long pieces of writings which need to be published as a separate edition. Currently we are working on a project to publish the writings which cannot be published in Turkmenistan due to very rigid censorship.

In this connection we invite for cooperation Turkmen writers, journalists and workers of culture. You can send your letters with comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Farid Tukhbatullin
"Chronicles of Turkmenistan" editor

Dirty work

She is poodle-white, yet fell as death,
With a faintly faustian trace.
By a quirk of fate I find myself
With this lady, face-to-face.

But I'm prepared. Rights are my trade,
I thunder with treaties and law,
I answer the questions she asks of me
But for her, I can see it's a bore.

And I see not a glimmer of interest
In eyes that are turning to glass.
Then once again she asks me
– Why rights, when we can talk gas?

This, I hear continually
From functionaries of the EU.
They mention it only obliquely,
Like deals with the dark side they do.

Year in, year out, come drought or flood,
I go racing around like a dog
Are my strings being pulled by something demonic?
– Or nevertheless in the hand of God?

Let good and bad go slugging it out
And rights challenge imports of gas,
Sometimes I am graced with a victory.
– And someone goes free at last.

© Farid Tukhbatullin

Source: TIHR