Dashoguz residents made happy – "The Bird of Happiness" and the second Palace of Happiness

As we reported last Wednesday, a new book authored by G. Berdymukhammedov, was presented today in Dashoguz. A new writing of the President is a novel entitled "D�wlet gu?y" (translated as "The bird of happiness").

The author did not attend the presentation but it is likely that he will arrive in Dashoguz on 23 October for the opening of the Elders Council.

Earlier today the grand opening of a new "Palace of Happiness" ("Bagt k�?gi") was held. The previous Palace of Happiness was built in Dashoguz during Niyazov's presidency and was named after Niyazov's mother – Gurbansoltan-edje. InAugust 2008 itwasrenamedto "Galkynysh" ("Revival").

Let us remind that the last session of the Elders Council took place in Dashoguz in May 2010. At that time, in the presence of numerous foreign delegations and TV crews, the President hosted the grand opening of the water desalination plant demonstrating purified water that would be available to local residents. However, three and a half years later drinking water is still not supplied to the houses of Dashoguz residents.

The President may have already forgotten about this or probably he decided that another Palace of Happiness or a new book is of higher priority for residents of Dashoguz, the environmental disaster zone.

Source: TIHR