About Us

We are a private organisation that wants to focus attention on human rights and free speech abuses in the world. We also focus on how different countries, companies, and individuals support these abuses. Our intention is to raise awareness and encourage discussion, in an effort to have an impact on broad issues of common interest and ultimately the world's development.

Even though we provide information about different cases, we are less interested in passing judgment than in encouraging companies to look for drawbacks in their operations and to face the future more openly and constructively. Everyone makes mistakes, both at the individual and the communal level. To admit your faults, to learn from them, and to increase your openness — These are the basic starting points in anyone' personal development.

We hope that, while companies concentrate on their own interests, the business and communal actions of the future would also strive to cherish the development of basic human rights and the development of humanity. We invite NGO's, corporations, and individuals to share their experiences and to make a difference through our website. The right to freedom must always have a voice. Freedom cannot be for sale.