Independence Day Preparations

Rehearsals for the military parade and police raids targeted at non-Ashgabat residents and� cats are underway in the Turkmen capital in the run-up to the celebration of Independence Day.

On 21 October, almost all major streets of the city were cordoned off for dress rehearsals of the upcoming parade scheduled to be held on 27 October. It took people hours to get to work or home since military equipment and vehicles were out in the city streets, soldiers were marching and horses were walking in procession. All of these took place under the pouring rain which started on 21 October. The dress rehearsals are still underway.

On that day and over the next several days one could see numerous groups of students in sportswear with folding chairs in Ashgabat. Senior graders are lining up in the stadiums.

At the same time the police are conducting raids to apprehend residents of other cities who come to the capital in great numbers in order to earn a living. The detained people are sent back to the towns where they officially reside. Those who have been detained are hoping that the raids will be over after the holidays and they will be able to return to Ashgabat as there are no jobs in the provinces.

Under the supervision of officials from the city khyakimlik's office the public health services of the capital catch cats and transport them outside the city, where they are most likely exterminated.

In a nutshell, the authorities are getting ready to host large-scale festivities to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the country's independence, where provincial visitors, migrant workers and homeless cats are not welcome.

Source: TIHR