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The Rukhnama is gone forever

In a revised school curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan for secondary schools, Rukhnama is missing as a school subject. Consequently, starting from September 1, 2013 schoolchildren will not be studying the once "Holy Rukhnama", authored by the former Turkmen President S. Niyazov.

The hours allotted for the study of the Rukhnama will be replaced by other school subjects.The school curriculum for senior graders includes newly-introduced subjects, such as "Fundamentals of Economics", "Fundamentals of Environmental Science", "Cultural Legacy of Turkmenistan" and "World Culture".

The study of the Rukhnama in secondary schools and institutions of higher education was introduced in 2002. Several years later, after Berdymukhammedov's rise to power, this subject was abolished from the curriculum of higher educational establishments and the number of hours allotted to its study in secondary schools was also reduced.

At the same time, university applicants will have to sit the entrance Rukhnama exam.

Source: TIHR