All-pervasive arbitrariness

Corruption and unrestrained permissiveness have long been a common phenomenon in Turkmenistan. The overwhelming majority of executives at all levels – from a kindergarten principal to the head of the Public Prosecutor's office abuse their employment status for personal needs.

We have frequently written about the high-ranking officials and now it is time to write about low-ranking staff. The kindergarten ?26 located in the city of Turkmenabat has been under refurbishment since 2000.

No funds for the repair and refurbishment have been allocated. Despite the financial contributions made by the parents of pre-schoolers and the kindergarten staff, there are no tangible results. The kindergarten's principal urges teachers and caregivers to make donations of two to ten manats from each salary. During this time the kindergarten's principal has built her house.

In the spring of 2012 new windows, sinks, taps and roofing were replaced and a new water supply system was installed.

However, three months later female kindergarten staff were again urged to donate funds to replace the already installed bathroom equipment, windows and slate roofing with cheap Chinese materials.

The head of the pre-school educational establishment even dares to misappropriate food from children's meals. She sends home apples, yogurts, butter, milk, potatoes, sugar and other groceries.

On one occasion the kindergarten's principal collected 1800 manats (equivalent of $630) from the parents for a Christmas tree. The children saw neither a Christmas tree, nor any gifts.

Needless to say, the kindergarten staff witnessed the disgraceful conduct of their executives and tried to put an end to the arbitrariness and submitted complaints to higher-ranking organizations. However, the inspection results were not always in favour of the kindergarten's principal. The staff members themselves became the victims. One of the female employees was sent to a psychiatric clinic where she has been kept for several months. Another caregiver of pre-retirement age was dismissed and is now not entitled to pension benefits.

At the same time, almost every day the kindergarten's principal summons general meetings where she states that she is omnipotent and fears nobody. According to some sources, her power stems from reportedly close relations with Turkmenabat's Prosecutor.

The name of the principal of kindergarten ?26 is Sarapat Joraeva. The editorial board has the names of other people mentioned in this article.

Source: TIHR