Letters that would not be read, but nevertheless should be written

This letter starts a cycle of some sort of recommendations concerning pain points; their addressee is known though not named. The letters will express both my own opinion and extracts from letters sent by our readers.

Letter One. Memory

You often say that it is necessary to preserve the culture of Turkmen people. Sorry, but what about the memory of by-gone celebrities in culture, arts, sciences, sports who glorify Turkmenistan? Are we ever going to remember them?

I think modern history of our country has got enough people who deserve being remembered by their descendants. Why not name streets, schools and universities, parks, theaters after them?..

We should also think about memorial busts and tablets. As far as I know, there are people ready to write books about distinguished citizens of our country, if only it is permitted.

Or according to the tradition established by your predecessor you will proceed naming our streets, villages, towns and cities after presidents and their relatives? And write books about them only?

With all due respect to your own ancestors I think that in our country there lived and worked much more dignified people. I’m certain that our web-site readers will easily name them in their comments.

Or you may be afraid that your image will dim and fade against the fame and popularity of well-known writers, artists, actors, sportsmen, scientists? May be that was the reason why during your government Turkmenfilm company lost Alta Carliev name which it has been awarded since 1974, and is named after Oguzkhan since 2007.

Is it better that Turkmen people should remember about semilegendary-semimythical persons from faraway ancient times and completely forget of their contemporaries?

Nowadays it’s not only impossible to name streets after them. You even do not allow to publish obituaries on the death of any prominent persons. Are you sure they do not deserve it?

Memory of by-gone great compatriots is one of criteria to estimate the cultural level of people. And first of all to estimate your cultural level as the leader of the state.

Let’s return to our topic. Rather often you do express your sympathies when there perish people in some countries. You are completely right. But where is your mourning when your compatriots lose their lives? Unfortunately accidents, fires, destructions also happen in our country leading to many victims. Is it really difficult to express your sympathies to their relatives, through mass-media, at least? Let alone that in fact you should visit the emergency site yourself and personally meet sufferers as well as encourage the bereaved families and render them real help.

Please, think of it.

And I’ll prepare next letters with questions and proposals.

By Farid Tukhbatullin

Source: TIHR