Darkness is a friend of young people

The administration of the Turkmenistan Academy of Arts is actively fighting for purity of intention among its students.

We have repeatedly reported that the management of this higher education establishment often demonstrates eccentric behaviour. Yet, they are creative people and every time they invent something new.

Making routine daily patrols one evening in February it was discovered that the students in the hostel were watching a video film, an American action movie. The inspectors' indignation knew no bounds. "You must watch national television!" they shouted. This case resulted in the introduction of new rules in the students' hostel. From now on electricity can be used until 10 p.m. The students are allowed to watch only the channels available on national television so that the western ideology preached in foreign movies does not obfuscate the noble thoughts of the students of the country's main higher institution of arts.

Now every evening special supervisors are assigned to ensure that the set rules are enforced. "They also come after 10 p.m. and check from the yard who has the light on in the room, and then the delinquent is summoned to the rector's office", say the perplexed second year students.

The students of the Academy are extremely outraged by these innovations. "Our administration should rather be concerned with improving our living conditions", repeat the students who live in the hostel. – "The toilets are in awful conditions, no water or central heating is available. Now the electricity supply is cut off at night. Such conditions are inhumane but we live here".

Source: TIHR