Petrol only for family members

According to the source close to the government, last month Berdymukhammedov's brother-in-law, i.e. the husband of one of the President's sisters was appointed the chief executive officer of the oil storage depot in the Mary velayat.

Judging by his off-hand and inconsiderate manners in dismissing employees, who failed to please him for some reason, and imposing new rules, the Mary inhabitants have come to realize that the newly-appointed CEO is quite close to the President.

The dismissed and those affected started filing complaints to the local authorities. When the number of complaints exceeded three hundred and fifty, which accounts for the 50% of the oil depot staff, the khyakim tried to moderate and warn the self-willed appointee. Yet, according to the witnesses, the latter without hesitation dialed Berdymukhammedov's phone number and suggested that the head of the local administration discussed the issue directly with the President.

The local officials make a conclusion that it is likely that the CEO of the oil storage depot will be semi-officially running the Mary velayat. They explain that this comes as no surprise as the monthly revenue generated by the oil depot station is comparable with the velayat's annual budget. Furthermore, everyone needs fuel.

The human resources policies pursued by the Turkmen President are disappointing, yet not surprising to the Turkmenistan residents. The Presidential family is transforming the country into a family hearth, which is supposed to keep warm only the family members.

Source: TIHR