New ideology requires new ideologists

As has been reported by Turkmenistan's State Information Agency, the joint session of the VI extraordinary congress of the national movement Galkynysh (Revival) and the VI extraordinary congress of the Democratic Party is scheduled to take place.

What might have triggered the need to convene the extraordinary congresses?

Both Galkynysh, which is a member of GONGO, i.e. government-operated non-governmental organizations, and the Democratic Party are the tools of providing ideological support to the Turkmen authorities. This united organization was established under Niyazov's presidency.

These quasi civil activists and members of the Democratic Party played their role in strengthening the new President's positions when the latter came to power. Now such organization is no longer needed.

According to our sources, the opinion leader and the mastermind of the united political and civic organization – the first secretary of the Political Council of Turkmenistan's Democratic Party Ondzhuk Musaev is expected to be dismissed (sent into retirement).

Apart from amply praising the country' top leaders, O. Musaev is famous for announcing during the live TV broadcast that that he would not be able to live a day without S. Niyazov.

Apparently, more significant changes will be implemented in the association and the reforms will not be limited to the change of leadership. The new authorities demand that new forms of ideological service be rendered.

Notably, the TDH report made no mention of the fixed date for holding the joint congress. Last Saturday, on July 12, G. Berdymukhammedov announced that he was going on a short-term leave. Needless to say, no moves will be taken until he comes back.

Source: TIHR